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Vintage Navajo Rug - Storm Pattern

Exquisite Vintage Navajo Storm Pattern Finely Hand Woven Rug. This rug has extremely fine weave that really shows the attention of detail and pure beauty. Each culture has a unique mythology that’s passed down from generation to generation. For the Navajo, this is captured in the beautiful and mysterious designs of the Storm Pattern weaving. Captured in a catalog published between 1903-1911, no one knows how this legendary rug came to be because its style and imagery were not found anywhere else in the history of the Navajo. Some say it tells the story of the Navajo Creation and Evolution of how they rose from the underworld, to the present day Navajo Land. Basic features in the pattern of Storm Navajo Indian rugs include a center box or square, which is described as a hogan or center of the world; smaller boxes at or near each corner of the rug, called houses of the wind or sacred mountain; and four zigzagged lines representing lightning, connecting the center square to each smaller corner box. Two figures, symbolizing water bugs or pinon beetles lie at center top and bottom of these rugs.

Style:  Storm Pattern

Dimensions:  74 x 58 in

Age:  First half of the 20th century

Medium: Wool

Condition: This piece is in great condition, with signs of minor wear commensurate with age

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Vintage Navajo Rug - Storm Pattern
Vintage Navajo Rug - Storm Pattern

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